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Privacy Policy

Respecting Your Privacy

At Playwell Sports, we respect your privacy and ensure that all personal information uploaded on our site is kept confidential. We do not share any information gathered via payment transfers, email lists, or any third parties. Your privacy rights are protected both online and offline.
Secure Payments
Our privacy policy applies exclusively to our website. It does not extend to any other websites linked to ours. Our website is fully secured, and we do not retain any of your payment card information, which is collected securely by authorized gateways. These payment gateways employ advanced encryption to safeguard your account from fraud.
Information Collected on Our Website
Any personal information collected on our site is used to enhance your online shopping experience. This includes notifications about website updates, product updates, and other relevant information. We may contact you via email about new products and services to ensure a better shopping experience every time you visit us online.
When you make a transaction or purchase from our website, we keep you updated and facilitate smooth navigation by tracking your browser information, such as its type, OS, domain name, and the pages you visit. This tracking does not include your personal information but helps improve your experience on our site.
Some personal information may be shared with trusted authorities, such as courier companies and credit card companies, to ensure the safe and timely delivery of your ordered products.
Updating or Deleting Information
You can review or update your personal information anytime by editing your account information on our website or by contacting our customer service. Maintaining the accuracy and completeness of your personal information is your responsibility. You can also request the deletion of your information by contacting us via email or phone.
Protecting Your Information
This privacy policy explains the types of information we collect, its purposes, and the legal processing involved. It describes how we use your information, to whom it is shared, and the steps taken to protect it. We also inform you about how we contact you using your provided information, which you can change anytime.
Modifications to Privacy Policy
We may modify this privacy policy as needed to include additional information. Playwell Sports provides comprehensive details to ensure fair and lawful processing. The information we automatically track includes your device identifier, OS, IP address, and geographic location.
We do not collect any information from third parties. Please do not share your information with anyone claiming to be associated with our website or organization. The information collected by us is used to serve website functions, manage daily business operations, improve the site, and ensure smooth performance.
Data Security
We value every single customer and ensure data security. Your personal information may be used to create your profile or respond to your requests for financing options to purchase services and products from us. Our privacy policy is designed with the interests of users and the organization in mind.
For any relevant information, suggestions, or feedback, please contact us anytime using our dedicated email address or helpline number +91-9387050001 published on our website.

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